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Julian 18 - My name is Julian and I'm an ordinary guy who loves hanging out, playing video games and having some fun with my boyfriend Ryan. This site was his idea, a special present for my 18th birthday, and now each time we get together I make sure to have the whole thing captured on cam both for ourselves and our Internet fans.

Shortly after turning 18 I got my own place and invited friends to a house warming party. After a lot of drinking and most people had left with just the three of us remaining the conversation turned to sex and Mike kissed us both saying we should have a proper house warming and christen the place. Todd was up for it and so was I. The bedroom was an obvious room to go and strip off and enjoy some sloppy sucking and fuck each other bareback for the rest of the night.

The only trouble there Mike is if girls were watching i would invite them to join in the fun, true i love guys and cocks best but i still find girls sexy and love to fuck those cute pussies but that would be after sucking you off. That doesn't mean i dont want you first and foremost, girls are a distraction to be enjoyed occasionaly. I would love a threesome with you and a girl and to show you how good a cock tastes after being in a stick cunt first. Lots of cum and love ♥ ♥

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