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porn for the playstation 3porn for the playstation 3porn for the playstation 3porn for the playstation 3

We all know virtual reality is not only about games, this is especially true with the exploding VR porn industry . Sony in the past suffered twice for not allowing adult content on their platform. While the market is super hot for VR porn, Sony is not planning to get left behind this time. Sony’s PlayStation 4’s media player is designed to have 360 media player to support video files compatible with the PSVR headset. This feature allows 360 photos and videos to be viewed on the head-mounted display. This may be a key reason that SuperDate Research market intelligence firm predicts that PSVR could make up a significant share of the $40 billion VR industry revenue forecasted by the end of 2020. Services like Hulu already have dedicated apps for curating 360-degree videos on PSVR .

Currently, the top three premium VR headsets that are HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and the newly released PSVR. PSVR happen to be the most affordable out of the three as the headset is directly compatible with PlayStation 4. For Oculus and HTC Vive users, you will need a 1500USD VR ready computer to run VR content onto the headset, while PlayStation 4 owners simply need to buy a headset. That’s why VR porn studio executives predict that PSVR will be the huge driving force for the virtual reality porn industry, as there are already 40 million PlayStation 4 to date.

In our opinion, the Sony really got things right this time. The headset is very light and comfortable to wear, and doesn’t put too much pressure to the eyes. The setup is also super friendly, as compared to Oculus and HTC Vive. If you are one of those struggling to watch VR porn on your Oculus or Vive, we’ve got instructions for you here. 

We all know that PlayStation fans watch a lot of porn, yes, that means you, dudes. If you are tired of playing VR games on your PSVR, maybe it’s time for some VR porn experiences. See what others are talking about it on Reddit here .

If you were able to install your PlayStation onto your TV, you should have no problem getting PSVR to run on your console. Your PlayStation will automatically detect your PSVR when turned on, and would automatically change the mic input to enable the VR headset. But you won’t be able to store your VR porn files onto the console, you will need a good old USB stick with plenty of free storage, because VR porn movie files are enormous, typically 3~5 GB each.

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