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forniphilia bdsm stories freeforniphilia bdsm stories freeforniphilia bdsm stories freeforniphilia bdsm stories free

Fiction of female domination and Forniphilia. Men are totally objectified. Often becoming objects, useful furniture or pieces of home decoration.

The bound slave’s haircut is not a reflection of his Mistress Owner’s aesthetics. She has converted this slave man into a human duster. He has been made to use head and hair to clean her furniture.

Normally a mild woman his Mistress Owner discerned that he was taking advantage of her easy going nature. The slave grew increasingly lax and tardy in performing his chores.

Then she had his hair cut. Being forced to clean things with his head is a worse punishment that the beating. The slave spends his night in tears, the stress and strain on his neck muscles is terrible.

Nowadays slave statues are the product of breeding programs. The males have exceptional muscles and ligaments. With special training, they are able to retain those poses for a day. (Science has yet to develop male slaves that do not require sleep.)

Welcome to forniphilia.info
We offer information and discussion relating to this new bondage fetish of Human Furniture.

The act of turning a woman into nothing more than a piece of functional furniture is the ultimate goal for many bondage enthusiast. Often completely immobile the woman finds that she is at least useful to her owner, perhaps performing the role of a table, chair or even hatstand.

Many find this type of sexual objectification highly erotic, especially if the subject is in someway vulnerable, perhaps her mouth or pussy are exposed. Knowing she cannot move she can only hope she will be of some use. Awaiting use, she is forced to wait and obey until needed.

By its definition, forniphilia will bind the subject very tightly and therefore can be very dangerous. We do not recommend you try this type of bondage unless you are very experienced and take good safety measures.

If you have any images, resources or experiences you want to share with the site you can contact us here info@forniphilia.info

My stories are divided into three categories: Single Stories , which are stories that have one or two parts, so the name isn't totally accurate; Series , which are for stories with multiple chapters, or rather with more than two chapters; and The Crimson Witch Chronicles which are a bunch of very sick, depraved fantasy/horror stories - and I mean sick, so watch out.

If you recognize the format of the story listings, good for you. I stole it from Arthur Saxon. Where he got it, I don't know, but I like it.

A hopefully comprehensive list of my story codes. These are here for me as much as you so I know what labels I use. Note: if something is mentioned but is not part of the action of a story (a character mentions how much she likes fucking dogs but does not do it in the story or describe a time she did do it in detail) it may not be listed in the code.

There are others (threesome, fanfic, fantasy/horror) but those are fairly self-evident. As if this list wasn't, right? I just feel like you should know what you are getting into so that you can make the choice yourself.

According to The House of Gord, forniphilia is “the art of human furniture.” A forniphiliac, therefore, is a person, most often a man, who fetishes another person, most often a woman, who has been modified or manipulated to appear to be a home furnishing. Take, for example, the man who, as a form of foreplay, requests that his wife stand in a corner of their home with a lamp shade on her head; he is a forniphiliac. Although, of course, as with any fetishistic sex act, the eroticized power dynamics at play between the two are far more complex. At Gord, which can best be described as ground zero for forniphiles, variations on this theme include the three-woman chandelier, the human footstool and the person-as-desk-chair.

Apparently, Gord’s wife and partner, Lady Serena, doesn’t mind becoming furniture. “I’m often completely immobilized into intense bondage creations built by my husband, using a variety of materials such as steel, copper, wood, fiberglass and various chemical compounds. That’s our idea of fun!” she crows. So, who are we, those who might not be open-minded enough to render ourselves into an armchair for the ones we love, to judge those who are? Of their forniphilia-filled experiences together, explains Serena, “It allows us to speak the unspeakable to one another — the truth about what gets us off.”

Maybe a year and a half ago, I came across forniphilia for the first time. I was working on a television show that focused on the subject of sex, and it was our duty to discover those erotic topics that hadn’t already been extensively covered in the media. I had covered porn stars, gang bangs, dominatrices and bukkake. Then I found forniphilia.

For me, there is something particularly intriguing about forniphilia. The best fetishistic practices, I’ve found, hold within them two contrary erotic impulses. With forniphilia, the fetishistic object has been rendered powerless through a literal and metaphorical ritual of total subjugation. At the same time, the resultant fetishized object takes on an undeniably dominant power of its own in its insistence that its eroticism be worshiped and revered.

And so the photo of the woman-as-lamp that I came across some time ago on The House of Gord has stayed with me. There is something about it that I can’t quite get out of my mind. There she stands, the lamp shade on her head, the bit in her mouth, the red straps across her body. Her light bulb is, of course, on. I want to know what it is she is thinking.


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