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Another year has been and gone, and what a year it was. 2014 was a banner year for the world of porn and saw countless new niches rise in popularity, increased appreciation for big booties, and the beginning of what’s sure to become a hit phenomenon, drone porn, while classic categories like MILF, Teen, Amateur, and Anal stayed strong. In celebration of an amazing year, we’ve once again compiled the stats, crunched the numbers, and assembled the ultimate list for 2014’s top 10 best porn videos on YouPorn!

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Almost an entire year has passed since we revealed YouPorn's Top 10: Best Porn Videos of 2013, and as 2014...

Update: A commenter pointed out that these are the rankings for are for subdomains of tumblr.com only, and exclude blogs that run on tumblr but use their own custom URL.

Correction: The Clarín tumblr is associated with the Argentinian newspaper of the same name. A previous version misstated that fact.

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Google's crackdown on adult content hosted on Blogger is not about illegal content, but simply content they don't like

This week, sexual expression has taken a serious hit after Google abruptly decided to banish adult content from one of the globe’s most popular hosting platforms, Blogger . From next month, all blogs containing “sexually explicit” imagery on the Google-owned site will effectively disappear from view when engineers limit entry to an invitation-only system. That means so-called 'adult' blogs will no longer appear in searches, and will be virtually impossible to find.

Google has defended the move by arguing there will be a few exceptions to the rule, and that no information is actually being deleted – just hidden from public view. Yet to many it appears that this is nothing but a blanket ban that is passing unfair judgment on sexual honesty. It’s also a little prudish and preachy, shouldn’t adult users be able to make up their own minds on what they want to click on?

Let’s think about it: what exactly does “explicit” mean? This ban lets Google decide that for us. There are millions of mini-sites on Blogger, covering pretty much every topic under the sun. And whilst there’s probably some outrageous pornographic material on the site that very well may merit some degree of viewer restriction, there are also thousands of fascinating, informative and entertaining blogs that are about to vanish from the public domain just because users have chosen to illustrate a single post with some form of sexual content. Do those blogs truly deserve to be dismissed as smut, and rendered invisible Google categorises LGBT diaries and erotic book reviewers as adult. This is not about illegal content, but simply content Google doesn't like.


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