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Why are vampires not rotten like other undead ? [closed] up vote 25 down vote favorite... if the vampires in this series do not get fresh blood, human or animal ...

15-8-2015  · Interview with a real-life vampire : why drinking blood isn't like in Hollywood ... and nor do vampires sleep in coffins or burn in daylight.

The undead may be incorporeal like ghosts, or corporeal like vampires and zombies. The undead are featured in the belief systems of ... ‘Before we do any ...

Incorrectly assuming that he had been turned into a vampire like ... Most of the few people who do know about vampires ... being the only known pregnant vampire ...

15-6-2014  · Are vampires undead ? ... vampirism is a choice like being a Republican or Democrat... Why Do vampires sparkle and don't die in sun in Twilight?

People who claim to be vampires are in the thousands, with demographics transcending class, race and gender. But there’s a reason they stay in the shadows

First of all, there’s no biting – that’s neither safe nor sanitary – and with too many vital arteries, the neck isn’t the favored spot. Transactions aren’t carnages leaving the victim lifeless behind in a dark alley, and nor do vampires sleep in coffins or burn in daylight. They’re generally cool with garlic. Most of them don’t even have fangs.

Instead, modern vampires get their sustenance from inch-long incisions made by a sterilized scalpel on a fleshy part of the body that doesn’t scar. Though the vampire may suck it up directly from the source, medically trained personnel usually perform the procedure. There’s paperwork too: “donors” don’t just have to consent, but also provide health certificates proving the absence of blood-borne diseases. Still, feeding is a sensual and sacred ritual.

The people who claim to be vampires are in the thousands worldwide, with demographics transcending borders, class, race and gender. And increasingly, researchers study them.

“We’re people you pass on the street and likely socialize with on a daily basis,” says Merticus , the 37-year-old founding member of Atlanta’s Vampire Alliance . “We often keep this aspect of our life secret for fear we’ll be misunderstood and to safeguard against reprisals from what society deems taboo.”

People have been dreaming up horrible monsters and malicious spirits for centuries. The vampire , a seductive, "undead" predator, is one of the most inventive and alluring creatures of the bunch. It's also one of the most enduring: Vampire-like creatures date back thousands of years, and pop up in dozens of different cultures.

In this article, we'll see where the various elements of the vampire legend come from, and we'll examine some grounded scientific explanations for apparent vampirism. We'll also look at the psychological significance of these creatures and find out about some real-life counterparts to the supernatural vampire.

The vampires in contemporary books, movies and television shows are incredibly elaborate creatures. According to the predominant mythology, every vampire was once a human, who, after being bitten by a vampire, died and rose from the grave as a monster. Vampires crave the blood of the living, whom they hunt during the night. They use their protruding fangs to puncture their victims' necks.

Since they're reanimated corpses -- the living remains of a deceased person -- vampires are often referred to as "the undead." They can still pass as healthy humans, however, and will walk undetected among the living. In fact, vampires may be attractive, highly sexual beings, seducing their prey before feeding. A vampire may also take the form of an animal, usually a bat or wolf, in order to sneak up on a victim.

Vampires are potentially immortal , but they do have a few weaknesses. They can be destroyed by a stake through the heart , fire, beheading and direct sunlight , and they are wary of crucifixes, holy water and garlic . Vampires don't cast a reflection, and they have superhuman strength.

The undead are creatures who have died, but are subsequently re-animated by dark forces in a liminal state. They take a variety of forms. Many are malevolent and evil.

Some undead are soulless corpses, while others are disembodied spirits. What all undead have in common, however, is that the normal relationship between body and soul has been perverted. This perversion is held in place by a necromantic, magical force.

In animated undead, this magic allows a corpse to move as if it had a soul. In undead spirits , it anchors a soul to the physical world, giving it partial substance in place of a body. And in greater undead it replaces the usual link between body and soul with an artificial, immortal one.

If the retaining power of the necromantic force is interrupted, both body and soul will quickly dissipate. Exorcism, including the disruptive spells used by priests , functions by attacking the binding force rather than the undead creature itself.

On the other hand, this force renders many normally important functions of the living body irrelevant. Undead suffer virtually no effects from aging, hunger, poison, extreme cold, and mind-affecting agents.


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